The Brake Line

He just about saw the back of the car as it disappeared over the hill.

That was the back of mother’s head. She was driving, even though she had never driven before.She just jumped into the car when the car started to roll.

Not surprisingly, the car swerved right, hit a guard rail and rolled down a steep embankment.

I probably should have notified the police, but why bother?

The ravine was thick in late August tangles.

My lucky day, the overturned car wouldn’t be found for months.

I was kind of sad that Catherine and Jeremy were in the back, but I never got on well with my siblings and after all, they didn’t testify on my behalf during the Sullivan Investigation. They let me fry on the stand and going down for 17 years was no picnic.

That’s why they seemed surprised when I arrived at the door last night. I guess they hadn’t read that I was released.

Surprising how easy it is to snap the brake line on a Vauxhall. Piece of cake really.